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School of Music

Student Achievements

A&A Music Students Achievements:

  • Albert & Victor Wang play every year for a local Nursing home
  • Alexander Jongbloed participated in many Battle of the Band competition and placed in the top three
  • Michael Tinkham is study as a music major in George Mason University. He took piano lessons with Andy Nguyen for more than 8 years. Soon Michael will become a music teacher him self.
  • Billy Bacci who took Piano for more than 7 years is now study in VMA and receiving a grand for playing piano for his Academy.
  • Raashi who was 1st place in Loudoun Art Council Piano Competition is now studying GWU. She receives a scholarship to study piano performance in GWU.
  • Michelle Nguyen who performed Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto on her final recital at A&A Music is now graduated from the UVA
  • Daniel Seifert played for his Jazz band in LCH throughout his high school career
  • Aemu Anteneh was placed first in her school talent show Many of our younger students are the stars in their school talent shows

Please check out some our student performances for your own enjoyment. We will also try our best to post our student accomplishments on this site regularly.

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